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I'm alive

Just so you know.

Revision fever... again

Been a while since I came on LJ. Probably not such a good thing, so forgive me if I haven't been here for you all.

Actually, I've been trying to get away from the Internet a while. A real world job, even a temporary one, is really time-consuming, and I've taken to revising The Book (yeah, Pieta is getting major status in my head right now) early in the morning. As a result, I'm no longer blogging, no longer hanging out on GR, barely show up on Twitter. It's nice, because it gives me some much-needed reprieve, but as I think I've said once, writing is HARD.

There are points during the writing process when you desperately want other people's validaiton, when you're making major changes that take a lot of work, or you're stuck on a transition passage that just won't come out, and you're wondering if it's even worth the effort.

I imagine reading back on this in a few months and laughing my arse off, but for now, yeah, it's pretty annoying. I'm almost 26K into the new draft, almost all of them new words due to the fact that I decided to switch the POV from first to third, which pretty much led to starting from scratch. It's a tendncy I've discovered with my other drafts, and, much as I don't like it, I think it works.

Most of the time.

Anyway, the stats:

Words so far: 25,916
Target: ?????

Quote: At a young age, Olivia Livingston discovered there was a comfort in numbers.

So that's it for me. How are you?

NaNo retrospective and Road Trip novel

So, on the 30th of November, at 11.30 PM, I validated my Road Trip project, thus successfully completing my third NaNoWriMo in a roll. I have some mixed feelings about this - on the one hand, I'm completely stoked I did this for the third time and won (believe me, there were a few points when I wanted to give up), but a part of me feels a little sad because of what I anticipate to come.

See, my first drafts are these sprawling monstrosities of 75-85K words, which inevitably end up in my waiting drawer for 6+ months and then are impossible to correct.

So this time, I'm thinking of trying out something new. The Road Trip project has been a rather personal and, overall, experimental book, so perhaps I should try out some more experimental editing. Once I complete this draft, I'll shoot it off to get beta-ed, and hopefully, within the next two weeks, I will be able to start draft two.

This is all a very tight squeeze, of course, and it will require a lot of commitment on the part of the betas. I'm hoping that things turn out for the best.

Before I go, one last quote, from Lauren Oliver: "Writing is a way back in."

I really like that way of thinking.
Found here. Spoiler warning.

Because I have nothing better to do.


Cross-posted with my tumblr.

2012's been a strange year so far for bloggers and authors. It seems like barely a week passes without someone saying something and it going viral, leading to yet another two (or two dozen) books being added to the "do-not-read-unless-forced-at-gunpoint" shelf.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I like drama, and that I own such a GR shelf. However, there is a little more to the debate:

First of, a do-not-touch-with-a-ten-foot-pole shelf isn't just a way to add books without intending to ever read them - it's a statement. It's to show that a certain kind of behavior doesn't sit well with you and you don't feel it should be rewarded. Some of the stuff I've seen being said online are truly hateful and I feel like we should find a way to show the author that this is not to be tolerated.

However, there are times when small things get out of control. Not all the authors who make an online blunder deserve to be blacklisted. Just today I saw someone put a book on their don't-think-about-it shelf because of a tweet which was kind of ambiguous. And, much as I hate bad author behavior, I will be hypocrite if I said I never pick books written by people whose views I disagree with. I read Brandon Sanderson, after all. I may hate myself a little for it, but I recognize talent and good characters, and I enjoy them, even if I don't particularly like the author.

So yeah, bad online behavior doesn't always stop me from reading, or enjoying, the author's books. And in the end of the day, it's important to remember that the blogging community isn't some kind of utopia either (see: Sirengate). I guess that, as always, it comes down to personal opinion. And remembering that, after all, that behind the avatar is a real person.

And people aren't perfect.


For Writers: Here's a nice way to kill time

No word counts tonight. I'm in coursework limbo, which basically means I procrastinate like nobody's business.

Anyways, I did do something writing related today, which was to compile some questions to help people figure out their writing process. I'm a big fan of disecting stuff, so I figured that if we look at some common factors over several projects, we can come up with a pattern, what we do well, what we do wrong, and how can we improve it. If anyone's interested, it's right here.

Granted, it has the potential to be depressing, and you will probably lose a few hours, but I figured that the brain needs a break now and again. Who knows - it may help. If you like it, let me know. If you think I  can improve it, let me know.




Stats since last update:

Words written: 9,102
Words total: 74,926
Pages: 195
Chapters: I don't know!!!
Feeling: GLORIOUS!!!!


So, New Years Resolutions

Anyone know that song, "Happy New Year" by ABBA? It plays every 31st December an 1st of January in Bulgaria, and it is my favorite holiday song... but it's the least bit festive. I don't know if my family ever figured it out until last night, when I pointed it out to them, that the song is about being hungover in the end of the party, "feelin' lost and feelin' blue", but seeking hope in a new year. For some reason, the song has so much more impact because of the specific time it is played, rather than other songs about drunken epiphanies out there.


My last year's resolutions were:

- Be happy. Easier said than done, as it turns out, because human beings (and women in particular), are not programmed to be happy. Rather, we look for the negative, because too much happiness leads to short-sightedness. Although I'm working on it.
- Instead of trying to lose weight, I'm going to try and not be self-conscious about what I've got. This one's a goal I feel happy with. Reading "Fat is a Feminist Issue helped out a lot"
- Try out a new sport, learn a new language. Tried Tai Chi, learning Japanese. Happier with the latter than the former.
- Tour the castles of Wales and go to Stonehenge and anywhere else I can go. Maybe climb Musala. I didn't set foot in Wales, but I did go to Stonehenge. I keep forgetting about those pictures.
- Finish "Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die" and start on "Singed". The latter has been in the oven ever since 2009, but since I'll have to change the world completely I'll have to start from scratch. Oh, Singed, hope of my soul, pain in my arse. I don't know what to do with you. Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die is far from finished, but I do have an idea about what I want to do with it.

This year, my goals will be along the same lines:

- Be happy. (The more difficult the task, the more appealing, you know)
- Fuck patriarchy and beauty images, I won't feel guilty about eating a hamburger.
- Finish Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die (for real this time) and try querying. Maybe participate in Write on Con for real this time.
- Finish Orpheus.
- Write first draft of The Angel Project.
- Get a job. I mean, a real one that requires me getting out of the house and interacting with people.
- Go on a trip with someone my age. It's important to me.

What did I read this year? The 215 books can be found here.

I became a member of The Book Lantern.

I started a separate blog on tumblr, called The Ninja Reader.

What about you guys? How did you find 2011? And what hopes do you have for 2012?


I am so, so sorry I haven't updated any of my fics! I guess it's uni work biting me in the arse, but I've been so uninspired lately. But no matter - I shall.... I shall... update the Skip Beat fic, if nothing else!

In the meantime:

Happy Birthday, royalbk!!!! 


Orpheus Excerpt

You asked for it, folks.

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